Pricing Info

$200.00/hour (This applies to large scale/multi session work). Session minimum of $400.00

Anything else (small tattoos) is estimated by the piece, amount of detail, time and  placement, etc. 

When booking an appointment, there will be options of a half or full day session for non-session pieces. This means a piece will be started and completed that day. This would apply to any singular tattoos or one shots, not sleeves in progress where pieces blur together.

A half day session is 3-4 hours long (tattoo and breaks) and a full day is 6-8 hours long (tattoo and breaks/lunch).

*Approximate base prices:
Half day $600 
Full day $1100

There is a discount given on full day sessions booked. This pricing model is essentially the hourly rate but will give you a firm price on what you will expect to owe when coming in, rather than guessing how long the tattoo will take.

Pricing Estimates:

These are purely estimates to give you an idea of what you might expect when looking for a new piece.

Palm/hand size : $300 – $500
Forearm/calf: $800-$1200
Thigh/bicep pieces: $1000- $1500

These are a wide range in prices because the final price depends on the design details and size.


Deposits are $150 and are nonrefundable. $100 of the deposit will be removed from your appointment the day of. Deposits can be moved to another day when rescheduling, but can only be moved twice. If there is a third reschedule then a new deposit will be required.
Reschedules or cancelations must have 48 hours notice or deposit will be forfeit.

I will announce any last minute cancelations on instagram or contact my cancelation list. If you would like to be added to the list please contact me.