Booking Info

First, thank you so much for your interest in my work.
I book quarterly–every three months my books will open for a three month block.

December 1st books open for January through March
March 1st books open for April through June
June 1st books open for July through September
September 1st books open for October through December

On days when my books open I will have a booking form that can be located across all socials as well as in an email auto reply. Filling out the form does not guarantee an appointment but I will only book from form submissions.

I prioritize bookings for medium/large scale pieces and those that are most aligned with my style. Due to a high volume of inquiries I cannot take on every project submitted.

The following subject matter is what I am currently prioritizing when booking:
-Color Realism
-Black and Gray Realism
-Color/B+G Fusion
-Large scale florals
-Mixed styles

I work best from loose general ideas. If you like the images you see on my instagram please know that I achieve this by using my personal freedom and artistic style to accomplish a cohesive design.

Please note

I receive a high volume of requests and cannot take on every project that is submitted. It is not first come first served. Additionally, I prioritize ongoing projects so that I can finish them in a timely manner.